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Name:Hanna Heller
Birthdate:May 14
It's been a year since Hanna survived her confrontation in the woods outside the home of Wilhelm Grimm, in that time she's learned that it's easier for a girl to be invisible in a city than in the forest, and while she doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore, sometimes she does, though it's always on purpose, always calculated, and always someone who deserves it.

think on your feet, even when you're sleeping

She has never had another friend as good as Sophie, and she's only had a few friends, mostly she gets by by not making friends. She has learned that her simple admission in Morocco: "I have no money" has gotten her farther than what little money she manages to collect doing odd jobs and using her near-encyclopedic knowledge of triviata, or playing translator here and there for tourists. People are almost always willing to help a young girl on her own, even if she sometimes says the wrong thing.

adapt or die

She had always known she would like the world outside the forest, but she's discovered that it's far more complicated, far more messy, and far more beautiful than she ever imagined. It is not, at least for her, as dangerous as she had expected. She has seen much of the world, traveling as a student or often as a stowaway. She rarely has any belongings, nothing that cannot be replaced, not besides her friendship bracelet from Sophie, it's the only thing she truly considers hers.

(Hanna is from the movie of the same name, Saoirse Ronan provides the face, I mean no slander, disrespect or libel to her or the creators of the character. This is for fun and games)
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